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Our History


Established 1907, the Dabbs Railroad Hotel and B&B on the Llano River enjoys an iconic stature within Central Texas, the Texas Hill Country and the Llano community.

The Dabbs, the last of the old Texas Railroad and River Hotels, is a living and livable museum offering a one-of-a-kind hotel experience. Quaint, charming, and polished, the Dabbs Hotel is an event venue in a class of its own.

This newly renovated historic retreat has existed as a hotel in Llano since the early 1900s. Located on the edge of the wild Texas frontier, the hotel was the final train stop along the old granite-quarrying, iron-horse path that ploughed through the Hill Country, linking Austin with Llano, following the general paths of the Texas Colorado and Llano Rivers. To travel further west, it was necessary to transfer to stagecoach at the Dabbs Hotel. 

Not only Iconic, but Infamous...

A favorite haunt of Bonnie and Clyde, the hotel’s heritage is rich, colorful and infamous! Train and bank robbers, gold and silver prospectors, miners, ranchers, lawmen and outlaws — and even the hotel’s ghost — have all crossed paths at the Dabbs Railroad Hotel. The hotel even served as a bordello for a short time during the peak of Llano’s old, wild frontier days!

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